A sleep bra is, as the name implies, a bra you sleep in. 

Why wear a sleep bra

For some women, particularly those well-endowed, their breasts flop around at uncomfortable angles at night.  In bed, they roll over and gravity takes over, so the breasts fall to the sides or get pinned beneath in an uncomfortable direction.  Therefore, sleeping in a bra holds the breasts in place can help to feel secure.  Many argue this helps them sleep better because they are more comfortable.   Some women after breast lifting surgery want to protect themselves and maintain a perky look.  There is currently no scientific evidence to suggest a sleep bra will ensure pert breasts but there may be times when want to wear a bra to bed. Breastfeeding moms may also want to wear a bra at night for comfort as well as to hold milk pads if required. 

Why are sleep bras controversial? 

Sleeping in a bra is controversial as some argue that their breasts, like the rest of their skin, needs to be free to breathe.  They say that going bra-less allows for free movement, circulating and a natural feel.  They also worry your skin may be irritated by continually wearing a bra.  This can be avoided by changing into a comfortable and loose bra for sleeping.  Really, it comes down to wearing what feels best for you and your body.

How to find a good sleep bra?

A sleep bra is any bra that is loose, comfortable, non-wired and with no padding or clasps.  A sleep bra should not constrict the skin. Many people use bralettes or compression or sports style bras or even tank tops with built in bras.  Typically, you will pull them over your head. 

Therefore, you don’t need to search for an official ‘sleep bra’, you can just look for the most comfortable bra for you.  A bra for sleeping can be found at your local department store or online by googling ‘sleep bra’ or ‘bralette’ or ‘comfortable bra’ and see what suits you best.