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Sustainability Matters

The Power of Lingerie blog is about lingerie solutions to health challenges, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Serenity Lingerie is about sharing what I learn through the blog.  I love learning about lingerie, and as a result, my blog reflects the fun and different things I find.  This includes everything from recycling and ostomies to incontinence and fire proof bras and other lingerie solutions to health challenges. The physical and emotional powers of lingerie are amazing!

Serenity Lingerie is also about making quality lingerie to meet your unique health needs. I love sewing! Soft stretch fabric and beautiful lace inspire my projects.   In addition, I love the practicality of making things for every day wear.  For example, finding quality ecofriendly panties was a challenge. So, I started making my own. As a consequence, I am excited to be sharing ecofriendly products for women and men who need custom products.

I am a maker, a traveler and a humanitarian. Family is central to my life, as I am a mum, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a dog lover.  I believe in ecofriendly living.

I learned to sew as a kid, making doll clothes for my sister. In addition, I am a professionally trained bra-maker through courses at DeMontfort University in Contour Fashion, Leicester UK and Bra Maker Supplies, Hamilton Canada, as well as numerous online sewing and fitting courses.

About Serenity Lingerie

Creator in Chief

Christina B

Designer, Traveler, Humanitarian, Blogger

Willow, our beloved Old English Sheepdog, is our mascot and public face for Serenity Lingerie.

Sustainability Matters

Serenity Lingerie is committed to caring for the environment. Our products are made from eco-friendly materials. Each item is handmade in an ethical way in our home studio. Our packaging is certified eco-friendly.