Bring on the hot summer days!  However, for many of us that also means daily drip-fests of sweat just from standing around outside.  Combining hot, humid weather, friction, sweat and poor air circulation can make under boob sweat a challenge. Boob sweat can also cause chafing and rashes and general discomfort or embarrassment.  Lucky for us, there are a few genius ways to stop under boob sweat as the temperatures outside heat up this year.

What is under boob sweat?

Pretty much every woman will experience under boob sweat in their life.  However, it is more common among women with large or droopy breasts simply because skin on skin gets sweaty.  In addition, warm wet skin can breed fungus and yeast and cause rashes. 

For example, intertrigo is a type of fungal rash that develops in between skin folds, including under the breasts.  Your skin may be raw and itchy, with a red rash or cracked or flaky skin.  The rashes are often accompanied by a nasty odour. 

Boob Sweat

Sometimes hormonal issues are the cause instead of a hot humid environment.  If you this applies to you, please see your doctor or dermatologist. 

A few simple tips can help you stop boob sweat in its tracks and prevent uncomfortable or embarrassing side effects.  But remember, as always, I am not a medical practitioner, nor is this a review of certain products.  It is just me doing some research and putting it together for you.  Please apply common sense to find the solution that is best for you.

Genius Solutions to Stop Under Boob Sweat

Wear a good bra

It may seem obvious, but get a bra that is supportive and lifts your breasts so that you have less skin on skin underneath.  Aim for breathable fabrics – organic cottons or moisture wicking fabrics will help.

Body Wipes

One of the best ways to stay fresh is to keep your skin as dry as possible by cleaning regularly.  Body wipes are a great way to quickly freshen up on the go. Look for ones that are gentle on your skin.  Bonus, they fit easily into your bag for travel.  

Deodorant or Glide stick

Use your deodorant or a glide stick under your breasts.  The principle being if it works in one area, it will work in another.  Reviews tend to agree that this approach works well.  And there are natural products, like Megababe’s Bust Dust, out there for those who are avoiding aluminum because of its links to Alzheimers and breast cancer.

Anti-chafing powders

Powders are great for absorbing moisture, reducing rashes and smells.  Just like baby powder helps avoid diaper rash, so too does anti-chafing powder avoid rashes on adults.  Most reviewers raved about the efficacy of powders.  But others noted that some powders got messy and gross, flaking into their shirt all day.  I think you would have to try a few to find one you liked.  Look for organic ones with fewer ingredients, they are usually made from cornstarch. 

Under-bra liner

An under-bra liner is a piece of cloth that you put in your bra, under your breasts and under the bra band.  Most are triangular shaped to fit between and under your breasts.  The idea is to have the sweat absorbed into something other than your bra or shirt.  Reviews say that they do work.  However, other reviewers complain of under liner migration and finding bunched up bra liners sideways or down their back.  I suspect it depends a lot on your bra band tension, but it is something to consider when you look for this solution.  Just type in under bra liner into google and several options for purchase pop up.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil culinary stable in Morocco but is also used for its health benefits.  Argan oil is widely used as a home remedy for skin treatments due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.   However, there is limited scientific evidence to back up its efficacy.  That said, many women claim that a few drops of argan oil under your breasts minimizes the sweat and the irritation of skin on skin. Bonus, this is a completely natural product with many other uses. 

Bra Coolers

You could also try a “bra cooler”.  It sounds like something to keep your beverage cool and pretty much is the same principle – put it in the freezer and then around your breasts to cool off. Personally, I can’t imagine needing that much chill factor directly on my sensitive skin, but maybe it would work for you.