The average person farts 8 to 20 times per day. Can you clear a room with your farts? If so, odour eliminating underwear may be a solution for you. 

Who needs odour eliminating underwear?

Odour eliminating underwear was originally designed for people with medical reasons for smelly flatulence.  So, this includes health challenges such as including irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, liver disease, colitis, peptic ulcers, gastric bypass or food intolerances, such as lactose.  Therefore, if you experience smelly side effects to any of these, then odour eating underwear may be for you.  Likewise, anyone, including those with a natural talent in farting, can wear them. 

The Science of Odour Eliminating Underwear

Underwear that gets rid of funky smells sounds like magic.  However, it is mostly science.  First of all, odour eliminating underwear are made with activated carbon fibers or with ceramic particles embedded into the fabric.  Alternatively, some brands have charcoal-lined pads or panels sewn in as a gusset instead of in the fabric. It is the embedded charcoal, ceramic and metallic ions that catch and then break down smells as they pass through the fabric. As a result, the fabric filters out unpleasant smells.

However, what people really want to know is does it work?  Online product reviews suggest that the underwear really does reduce, if not completely eliminate foul odours. Approximately “80% of bad odour is eliminated in the first 30 seconds and the smell-reducing capabilities are retained even after 100 washes” according to one review. Furthermore, the smell-reducing capability returns after every wash for the lifespan of the underwear (2-3 years on average).   

The Magic of Anti-Odour Underwear

Anti-odour underwear is built to be reusable and lightweight with a slim profile.  Therefore, the wearer shouldn’t really notice that they are wearing an extra layer of padding down below.  Furthermore, studies note that the materials are safe to wear against the skin, and most of them are hypoallergenic (although do check each website for your own allergy needs!)

The magic of odour eating underwear is really in how you feel while wearing them.  It reduces social anxiety and increases confidence of the wearer, particularly when in public.  Above all, feeling good is the magic we want!

Where to find odour eating underwear

There aren’t a lot of options out there for odour eliminating underwear. However, I found a few online. As always, I can’t personally vouch for any of these, it is just a collation of what I found online. So, have a look and find the one that meets your needs or you can get in your region. 

Concluding Tip

These odour eliminating underwear reduce smell – not noise!  So, no, you can’t completely fart with abandon.